I am the parent of a grown son with a mental illness. You can learn more about me and my experiences through my blog.

My hope is that we can share together to help and support as we all live with mental illness in our homes or with friends.

I have a long and varied employment history. I was an ordained minister in a mainline protestant denomination for many, many years. I’ve lived in some very small, rural areas, and some not so small towns and cities. Now I work in the field of adult learning and development in a major corporation. Despite several degrees and many years of schooling, I found myself floundering through the experiences of living with a child with mental illness.

I also found out that my experience, while unique to me, was probably not unique to parents or friends. I just didn’t know that others were having these experiences. Some people are in places where they can find support, and some live in places where support may be a long way away. Some may just feel uncomfortable talking out loud. Wherever you are – Welcome!